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Todd Beck
  I make it easier to sell products and ideas.  
  Strategy MBA

  Product Management and Marketing

  Variety of industries (professional services, travel, telecom, finance)

  Worked in 20+ countries / Traveled in 60+

“Todd is one of the most analytical, capable individuals that I have encountered. He sees the strategy and all of the details necessary to operationalize that strategy and is fully capable of acting on any barriers.” 
VP Professional Services

“Todd is bright, a strategic thinker, an innovative marketeer, hard-working, honest as the day is long, and has a great sense of humor.”
Managing Director

“Todd [has] a unique ability to look at complex problems holistically, provide context and straight forward solutions.”
-- Executive Director


“Todd works at warp speed. He brings a great balance of strategic thinking and tactical execution.”

-- CEO


“I have found Todd to be "the go to person" if you want something done that is; logical, stream-lined to improve process, and gets the job done.

RVP Sales  

“When it comes to product management and customer service, Todd has reached the level of guru! Best of all, every opportunity is met with a detailed analysis of the costs and hurdles it will take to make it work.”
VP Solution Development


“Todd is a team player and takes an interest in all aspects of the business operation to enable him to make sound business decisions about investments.”  -- CEO

“Todd is creative. Anyone who wants a different perspective or help in breaking out of same old same old can expect great help from Todd.”
-- VP Marketing

“He puts in the time and effort to exactly understand our needs. He combines all this with a positive attitude, which makes it a joy to work with him.”
-- CMO





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