This page is dedicated to the music and philosophy of Sakuran . It specifically denies being the official representation, but is dedicated to celebrating and promoting Sakuran music throughout the world.

Impartial Discography

  One Warm Day in Osaka (1984)

This only exists in analog tape format and was created in Osaka in 1984. The one copy that found its way to Peru is now part of a private collection in California. There are about six copies in existence. Another copy is in Utah, and the others are spread across Japan and the US. (It was an experimental demo release.) Most copies were distributed on "gold" cassettes (made of gold-colored reflective shells) in padded, lined boxes.

Low Tech, Advancing Fifths, Switched-On-Todd: Cathedral Catharsis, Cathedral Catharsis: The Anointing, Beethoven Gets Stoned, Barney Miller Guitar Duel, The Spirit of God (pipes), The Spirit of God (Synth Brass), Enter the King (Intro), City Beat 2014, City Beat (alternate ending), Jump (to a wrong note), Welcome to L.A./organ play, Scuba Diving, Shall the Youth of Sunshine Abide With Me?, Diving in Filtered Pools, Pre-Flight Preparations, Jet Bomber, Medium Tech (alternate ending).

The liner notes give these details: "Sakuran Synth" is a compilation of a bunch of half-songs entirely composed- performed- and recorded at Kosaka Music in Fujiidera, Osaka, Japan on May 8, 1984. TODD BECK performs on the ROLAND JX-3P synthesizer. c1984 by Todd Beck JAPAN. All rights reserved.

  Masters (1988)

An extended-play collection originally released as a double-length analog cassette tape.

Hello Osaka, Pie in Minutes, Foreign Affair, In All The World, Lion Dance, Downstairs Odessa, Greetings, Royal Wedding, Little Blossom Flower, Yumiko, Consolation (reprise), Everything is a Buzz, Birdwalk, Frettin' Over Nothing, Projected Growth, Times is Hard As Ever, Kobe 21May87, Life Force, Industry Sources, For the Love of Country, April, Little Blossom Flower (chorus), To Fly (FP Version), Wedding March (TWB), Denim Mini (TBONE), It Only Hurts 'til You Remember Love, First Steps (electric grand version), Jimmer Jammer

  M/Y Curiosity (1989)

Another extended-play release; the liner notes say simply, "To Steve/Sonya". This is a later version of the cover; the original cover had a highlighter-colored image of THE Yacht.

Denim Mini, I Love You (vocal), One Stop A/V score in multiple variations, Little Blossom Flower (chorus variation), International Harvester, To Fly (FP), Lion Dance, Foreign Affair, Blossom Backtrack, Past Neptune To The Stars, Hello Osaka, Pie In Minutes, Desert Places, Debbie's Sewing Room, Kobe 21MAY87, Lifeforce, (At Dawn) The Birds Scrambled, On Elephant Back, Royal Wedding, I Love You (piano version), Hitori No Gaijin, Outside Loop, It Only Hurts 'til You Remember Love

  SWATH (1991)

Originally released on analog tape, but subsequently remastered and released on CD.

HNLRR, Pickin Nice, Massive Firepower, I Love Synth interludes, Child of Light, Come Come Ye Saints, Do the Dendo, April May Not, Nursery Burning, From the Hull Up, Independence Day, Escape to the Trees, Easter Brass, December Passing, Kamewa, Night Raid

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